As a member or associate member you will have full use of the clubhouse and the facilities provided by the club for it's members.

The clubhouse facilities include:


Use of the changing rooms and showers

Tea and coffee making facilities

Free Pool table

Engine flushing tank

You will also have full all year round use of the club's private slipway. This slipway is locked when not in constant use as a way of preventing non members from using it and also as part of the sea defence here at Newton. As A member you will be given a key which allows you to unlock the gates. You will however be responsible for locking them if your are the last member to leave the beach 
You can use our  two tractors for launching your craft into the water. These are the only vehicles permitted to drive on the beach at Newton under local Byelaws. Maintenance of the tractors is as you would expect high so members are requested to check the fluid levels before they take a tractor from the clubhouse and members are expected to return them to the clubhouse and wash them down if they are the last members to leave the beach. 

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