1.1 The Club shall be called 'PORTHCAWL POWERBOAT AND SKI CLUB' (hereinafter called the Club) and the headquarters shall be at 4, BAY VIEW ROAD, NEWTON, PORTHCAWL, CF36 5NF.

2.1 To promote all forms of water sport and social activities that the Executive Committee may decide the Club is able to support.
2.2 To ensure that all the Club's activities comply with local bye laws, maritime laws and current legislation.
2.3 To affiliate to relevant associations.
2.4 To promote Club and inter Club competitions.
2.5 To provide and maintain a Clubhouse and such other facilities that are required to support the Club's activities.
2.6 To raise funds by subscription and other means to improve the Clubhouse and other such facilities as opportunities allow.
2.7 To promote and further equal opportunities for all.
2.8 To take all reasonable measures to make boating and Club activities safe for its members and the general public.

3.1 All Club property shall be vested in four members of the Club as TRUSTEES, to be appointed as Honorary Life
Members, according to the Constitution. Ale Trustees shall be indemnified against risk and expense.
3.2 They shall hold office until death or resignation. In this event, a new Trustee shall be appointed by the Club.
3.3 The property of the Club shall be vested in the Trustees to be dealt with by them as directed by the Club.
3.4 Any person proposed as Trustee must have been a Club member for five years and served on the Executive Committee for two years during that time.

4.1 The Club shall consist of
4.2 Honorary Life Members.
An Honorary Life Member may be elected at an Annual or Extra-Ordinary General Meeting. Such nominations must obtain a two thirds majority. One month notice in writing must be given to the Secretary of such nomination and 14 days notice be given to each member before the meeting by the Secretary.
4.3 Honorary Annual Members.
An Honorary Annual Member may be elected at the discretion of the Committee. Honorary Annual Members will not be required to pay an entry fee or annual subscription and will be entitled to such privileges and amenities of the Club as determined by the Executive Committee. A non member will be expected to pay a joining fee when 'joining the Club' following a period of Honorary Membership. An existing member need not pay a joining fee following a period of Honorary Membership.
4.4 Full Members.
A Full Membership allows the member to launch and recover his/her craft, along with the full use of the Club's facilities. The Full Members spouse/partner and any children under the age of 18yrs, can also use the Club's facilities and enter any activities arranged by the Club, but they are not allowed to launch or recover the Full Members craft without the member being present. All boat owners must be Full Members.
4.5 Associate Members.
An Associate Membership entitles a member, who does not own a boat, to make use of the Club's facilities, including, car parking, key to the clubhouse, insurance cover to drive the tractors to assist a Full Member launching and recovering his/her craft, entitlement to enter Club activities and competitions, but excludes launching and recovering their own boat, key to the clubhouse and.
4.6 Temporary Members
A Temporary Membership allows the member to launch and recover his/her craft with the assistance of a Full member. This Temporary membership does not entitle the member to use the tractor, launching and recovering their own boat, key to the clubhouse and gate and any voting rights, entitlement to enter Club activities and competitions

5.1 The entitlement to vote shall be as follows
5.1.1 One vote per Full Membership
5.1.2 One vote per Honorary Life Member
5.1.3 One vote per Trustee.
5.1.4 One vote per Office Bearer.
5.1.5 One vote per Associate member.
5.2 A motion shall be carried by a simple majority of those present and voting, except when a motion is a constitutional amendment which shall require a two thirds majority
5.3 The Chairman shall have a casting vote in addition to a deliberative vote.
5.4 A Quorum consisting of two Trustees or Officers and four Committee members will be, required for Executive Committee meetings to convene.
5.5 A Quorum consisting of at least four Trustees or Officers and Ten members will be required for an Annual General Meeting, General or an Extra-Ordinary General meeting to convene.

6.1 The Annual Subscription Fee shall he determined by the Executive Committee and may be increased by a maximum of 25% in one year without reference to the Annual General Meeting or Extra Ordinary General Meeting.
6.2 The Joining Fee shall be determined at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
6.3 The Executive Committee may decide upon other charges and or subscriptions at its discretion.
6.4 Renewals of subscriptions are due on the 1st January and must be paid, no later than one week before the General Meeting held in February. Should any member fail to pay in full by that date then membership lapses. Re- instatement will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee and subject to the sliding scale of charges.

7.1 Application for membership shall be made on the appropriate form with a ,copy of Insurance Certificate, required documentation and fees, sent to the Registration Officer.
7.2 All new applicants must, upon personal invitation of the Registration Officer attend a New Members Meeting to ratify membership.
7.3 All members will be required to sign a disclaimer absolving the Club, the Trustees, Executive Committee and Officers from any responsibility for injury, loss or damage however caused, to themselves and other persons accompanying them.

8.1 Members are responsible for the behaviour of their relatives, friends and guests.
8.2 The Executive Committee or Disciplinary Committee appointed for the purpose shall have the authority to reprimand, fine, suspend membership or terminate the membership of any member whose conduct brings the Club into disrepute or fails to abide by the Rules of the Club.
8.3 A Disciplinary Committee consisting of at least one Officer and from two to four Committee members shall be appointed to hear any disciplinary complaints. Complaints are to be made in the presence and bearing of the person involved. Should the member fail to appear before the Disciplinary Committee or give good reason for that non appearance then they may be suspended until the matter has been dealt with.
8.4 No member shall be suspended or expelled without being first summoned before a Disciplinary Committee.
8.5 There shall be a right of appeal to the Executive Committee, or an Appeal Committee set up to act on its behalf.
8.6 Application for an appeal should be sent in writing to the Secretary within 14 days of the disciplinary hearing and discussed at the following Executive Committee meeting. The matter will be dealt with at the behest of the Executive Committee.
8.7 The Executive Committee's or the Appeal Committee's decision shall be final.

9.1 The Office Bearers shall be:
Vice President (one only)
Vice Commodore
Hon. Secretary
Hon. Assistant Secretary
Hon. Treasurer
Hon. Ass Treasurer / Registration Officer
9.2 These office bearers, excluding the patron, shall hold office for a calendar year, being elected annually at the Annual
General Meeting, from the Club's membership.
The President and failing him/her, a chairman elected from those present shall preside at the Annual General Meeting.
The Commodore and failing him/her, Vice Commodore, shall preside at all Committee meetings and all General Meetings of the Club. (In the absence of all these officers at any meeting, a Chairman shall be elected from among those present to act at the Meeting)
The Hon. Secretary and failing him/her, the Hon Assistant Secretary, shall keep minutes of the business transacted at all General and Committee meetings. The Secretary shall, at least seven days before any General Meeting, send to every current Member a notice of such meeting and an agenda that will be brought before the meeting. The Secretary may call at very short notice an Extra - Ordinary Committee Meeting provided that all Committee Members have been notified before the Meeting. Such a meeting is to be called only in extenuating circumstances.
The Hon Treasurer shall be responsible for all the finances of the club, in accordance with Sect. 11.
The Hon. Ass. Treasurer/Registration Officer shall keep a register of club members, their craft and marine insurance details.
9.4 The officers of the Club shall be:- the Commodore, the Vice Commodore, the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary, the Treasurer and the Assistant Treasurer, Registration Officer.

10.1 The management of the Club shall be vested in the Executive Committee.
10.2 The Executive Committee shall act for the members. Liabilities incurred shall fall upon the membership. (provided the Executive Committees action is in accordance with the constitution, in honesty and in good faith).
10.3 The Executive Committee shall comprise of, the Commodore, the Vice Commodore, the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary, the Treasurer, the Assistant Treasurer, Registration Officer and nine Committee Members. All officers and committee members will have full voting powers. All shall be fully paid up members or Honorary Members.
10.4 Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be convened monthly.
10.5 The quorum necessary for the transaction of business at Executive Committee meetings shall be as laid out in Para 5.4.
10.6 The decisions of the Executive Committee shall be determined by a majority vote. (See para. 5.2).
10.7 The interpretation of the Club constitution shall be vested in the Executive Committee, who shall decide all questions relating to the Club.
10.8 The Executive Committee shall be responsible for ensuring that any application for membership shall be decided in accordance with a non discriminatory policy.
10.9 The Executive Committee may employ professional advisers at its discretion.
10.10 The Executive Committee will be empowered to form sub-committees for the arrangement and carrying out of the Club's activities as may be required from time to time.
10.11 Any Officer or Committee member who does not attend three consecutive meetings automatically forfeits the position, unless he 1 she has a valid reason for doing so.
10.12 The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt members, with full voting powers, to fill vacancies where necessary until the next A.G.M.
10.13 The Executive Committee shall have the power to expand the Club's funds in such a manner as they think fit, in accordance with the Rules and Objects of the Club.

11.1 The Club Treasurer is responsible for all the finances of the Club.
11.2 The financial year of the Club ends on 31st November
11.3 Proper accounts shall be kept of all sums of money received and payed out by the Club. Such records shall be made available for inspection at any time at the behest of the Executive Committee.
11.4 The funds of the Club shall be lodged at a bank or building society in accounts in the name of the Club, and all cheques, drafts etc. drawn on these accounts shall be signed by any two of the following officers .... The Commodore, The Hon. Secretary, The Hon. Treasurer and Trustees (where applicable).
11.5 Accountants / Auditors shall examine the books of accounts, with the vouchers and invoices relating thereto, at least once annually, and shall submit a certificated financial statement.

12.1 A General Meeting shall be called at least one month before the Annual General Meeting to receive the nomination of officers, committee members for the year and set an agenda for the Annual General Meeting.
12.2 The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Club shall be held in every year during the month of MARCH, when the annual report of the Executive Committee and the audited statement of accounts up to the end of the financial year shall be presented.
12.3 Not less than one month notice of the date of the AGM shall be given to all members by the Secretary
12.4 The AGM shall elect such officers of the Club as it may from time to time determine.
12.5 Nominations for officers shall be received by the Secretary not less than one month prior to the AGM.
12.6 Members shall he entitled to vote at general meetings of the Club and shall have equal voting rights as laid out in Section 5.
12.7 The quorum for general meetings shall be as laid out in Section 5 para 5.5
12.8 An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) shall be called by an application in writing to the Secretary signed by not less than 10 voting members.
12.9 The Executive Committee shall have the power to call an EGM by decision of a simple majority of its members.
12.10 The Trustees shall have the power to call an EGM by the decision of a simple majority of their number.
12.11 At any General Meeting, a declaration by the Chairman, that a resolution has been carried or lost shall be conclusive.
12.12 Trustees and Office Bearers may attend Executive Committee meetings with voting rights as laid out in Sect. 5.

13.1 The responsibility for the management of the Club and the employment of paid staff and volunteers rests with the Executive Committee.

14.1 In the event of the Club ceasing to exist, and following the discharge of all debts and liabilities, any assets at the time of dissolution shall be the property of the PORTHCAWL LIFEBOAT STATION R.N.L.I. RESTRICTED FUND. No member shall obtain any asset from the Club.
14.2 The Club may he wound up on a resolution of the members, passed by a three fourths majority at a special meeting convened for that purpose upon the request of thirty voting members of the Club. At least thirty days notice of the meeting shall have been sent to all members of the Club.
14.3 In the event of the passing of the resolution to wind up the Club, the trustees shall be empowered to distribute the assets, including cash and investments in hand.

15.1 This Constitution shall be reviewed on a two yearly basis.
15.2 Amendments to the constitution shall only be agreed at AGMs or EOMs convened for that purpose.
15.3 Additions to, or alterations of the constitution shall be submitted to the Secretary at the General Meeting called at least one month prior to the AGM in March.
15.4 When a request for a special meeting is submitted to the Secretary for that same purpose by members, the proposal shall be submitted to the Secretary not less than 60 days before the meeting is called and the Secretary shall inform members at least 30 days before the date of the meeting.
15.5 Any amendments to the proposed motion duly proposed and seconded in like manner shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary not later than 14 days before the said meeting and will be included in the agenda for that meeting.
15.6 Any alteration to the constitution shall require a two thirds majority of voting members present.
15.7 In the event of any question or matter arising which is not provided in the constitution, such question or matter shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee whose decision will be final.

16.1 The Club, Officers and Executive Committee will not be responsible for accidents, loss of life, injury, or damage and theft of property under any circumstances. Members, relatives, friends and guests all use the Club's facilities and participate in Club events entirely and absolutely at their own risk.


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