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Mar 20, 2015

Newton Tidal Embankment Maintenance Works

Copy of the letter from NRW - Flood Risk Management

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RE: Newton Tidal Embankment Maintenance Works

Dear Resident

March 20th 2015

Following on from the severe storms that hit the Welsh ccaslline during the early part of January 2014, it became apparent that our Flood Embankmcnt at Newton Beach would require some substantial maintenance work if it is to withstand similar storms in the future. Natural Resources Wales intends

to carry out this maintenance work to its tidal embankment at Newton during the coming months.

The works will involve replacing the current rip-rap stone which protects the face of the flood embankment with larger stones. These stones will start to be dclivered to site on Monday 23 rd March

2015 and will be stock piled at the top end of the car park, the car park will be closed to the general pliblic during this period. Delivery will cease during the Easter Break and part of the car park will be

made available for use.

On Monday 13th April 2015, Construction work will start on the embankment and delivery of the stones will resume. The work is expected to last for 6—8 weeks, the car park area will be permanently closed off during this period. There will be an increased volume of lorry traffic and noise during this period and some possible disruption, but we will endeavor to keep this to a minimum. The concrete ramp will also be used to access the lower section of the embankment to carry out the reconstruction works, but will also be made available to the RNLI and the Porthcawl Powerboat & Ski Club. The Coastal path which runs along the top of the flood bank will be closed during the construction period and an

alternative route will be posted on the coastal path website.

Should you have any further queries please don't hesitate to contact me. Yours faithfully,

Wayne Frewen

Rheoli Peryglon Llifcgydd / Flood Risk Management

Llinell uniongvrchol / Direct line: 0300 065 4018

Ebost/Email: wavne.frewen@naturalresourceswales.gov.uk

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